ASIC Renewal Application Online

Security ID offers an application online which makes ASIC renewal quick and easy. We can store much of your information for fast retrieval when you need a new ID. If you decide not to renew your card for any reason, you must return it to the proper agency for destruction.

Your card will be active for two years from the time of your background check. New checks are required to be done by AusCheck before your ASIC renewal. You should be aware that many different agencies require background checks and AusCheck can become backed up causing a delay. Please be sure to apply for yours well in advance.

We understand that clearances are quite costly especially for recreational pilots who only use them a few times a year; which is why we offer an affordable process to obtain your card. Our process is also the fastest because we can get 90% of cards into the hands of applicants within five days.

We have a variety of agents throughout Australia to perform identity verification which needs to be completed in-person even if you use our online services. Many different forms of identification are required which you can view on our How It Works page.

We are a government approved yet independent entity and provide you with fast and efficient ASIC renewal services. If you have any questions about the application process, please contact Security ID. We have been an integral part of airport security for almost 20 years so you can trust our advice.