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Security ID can produce other types of identification cards for your requirements.
We also stock a range of card holders and lanyards for use with our identification cards.

Arm-band Card Holder  

$ 15.00
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Fluro arm band id card holder. Complies with aviation regulations for displaying an ASIC (must be worn above waist facing front or side). Ideal for baggage handlers, construction and maintenance workers. Also available in white.
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Security ID Cards  

$ 6.60
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Prices from $6.60 for your design. Colour front, with photo, optional black print on rear. Protective over-laminate or security over-laminate available.
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$ 1.50
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From $1.50 each. Customised printed lanyards from $3.00 each (minimum order 250).
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Airport Security (formerly Midwest Solutions) / Security ID - Aviation Security Identification Card for access to secure area of security controlled airport and Airport Security ID Card. Sometimes referred to as an airport security id card , airport security card, airport security pass or tag. We can provide applicant with a new Aviation Security Identification Card and we provide an ASIC renewal service. Apply online for an ASIC using our simple system. Business and airport customers can make multiple applications for ASICs. If you require frequent access to a secure part of a security controlled airport you will need to display an Aviation Security Identification Card. We supply lanyards and card holders for Aviation Security Identification Cards. Apply online for your Aviation Security Identification Card and we submit your ASIC application to AusCheck. We supply general id cards to business and government.